"Why invest in employee workshops and coaching?" This is not an uncommon thought from organizational leaders. The response is simple. You can have employees who are, at best, stagnant at their current levels or, at worst, experiencing challenges which undermine their performance and the outcomes of your organization.

Ultimately, training leads to better processes and business growth. Investing in employee development results in improved job satisfaction, engagement, and retention. In today’s evolving and recovering workplace, helping leaders and employees to achieve optimal functioning through evidence-based strategies is a necessary approach to keep your organization competitive.

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Workshop options:

The Octopus in the Room: Coalescing all the arms of your life to create work-life harmony

Society talks about finding a work-life balance, but this idea of "balance" is misleading. There is no time when the areas of life are perfectly balanced. Instead, adopting the perspective of harmony, a functional integration of all areas of life, provides you with a more effective framework to achieve health and happiness. This workshop incorporates specific subtopics (asking for what you want, burnout, imposter syndrome, perfectionism) and provides opportunities to learn and practice relevant cognitive behavioral strategies to adopt a new approach for professional and personal functioning.

Cognitive Behavioral Tactics (CBT) in the Workplace

Leaders and employees are dealing with unprecedented levels of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. These elevated levels of dysfunction create detrimental effects on innovation, problem solving, and productivity, resulting in organizations which are unstable and struggling. Applying evidence-based strategies from cognitive behavioral research will support leaders and teams in managing the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors undermining them. Ultimately by applying CBT, optimal functioning is achieved, individually and organizationally.

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Leadership DNA

Leadership is not an ingrained ability.

Learning and developing specific skills are the catalysts to move a leader or a leadership team from "adequate" to "powerful". When organizations invest in the development of their leaders, the effects are seen in tangible ways: employee retention and satisfaction, innovation, and organizational growth and evolution. Particularly in times of transition, crisis, or uncertainty, helping leaders build skills based on evidence-based strategies results in long-term individual and organizational advantages.

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