Unleash the Power

The coaches at Insights Group South offer research-based approaches for clients' success to make their brains their allies instead of their adversaries.

Dr. Robin Buckley, CPC

Dr. Tom Grebouski, LCMHC

Dr. Robin and Dr. Tom are doctoral-level coaches who specialize in using cognitive-behavioral strategies to propel their clients towards unparalleled success. With advanced degrees in psychology and over 30 years experience, these coaches have honed their skills to help individuals break through mental barriers and unlock their full potential.

Dr. Robin, with a background in clinical psychology, brings a deep understanding of human behavior and thought processes to her coaching practice and onto stages through her professional speaking. Her expertise lies in guiding clients through evidence-based techniques to reshape thought patterns, fostering resilience and empowering clients to overcome obstacles on their path to success in regards to mental wellness and optimal performance.

Dr. Tom, also with a background in clinical psychology and a specialization in peak performance coaching, seamlessly integrates cognitive-behavioral strategies into the realm of athletic achievement. His coaching style addresses both the psychological and physical aspects of performance. Dr. Tom assists clients in developing a strong mental game by focusing on goal-setting, performance visualization, and stress management. His approach enables athletes to optimize their mindset, leading to improved concentration, confidence, and overall success in their respective fields.

Dr. Robin and Dr. Tom share a commitment to tailoring their coaching to each client's unique needs. Their doctoral-level expertise allows them to navigate complex psychological landscapes, providing clients with tools to manage stress, enhance decision-making, and cultivate optimal mindset. The integration of cognitive-behavioral strategies sets these coaches apart, creating a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional coaching methods.

In the capable hands of Dr. Robin and Dr. Tom, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery and mastery. Through cognitive-behavioral coaching, they gain not only the skills to achieve success but also a profound understanding of the interplay between thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes in their personal and professional lives.