Are you considering living together or getting married and you want to establish clear strategies to increase the success of your relationship?

Has your connectedness been distrupted and you want to reestablish the former strengths, or build new ones, for the relationship?

Do you want to help your relationship evolve as life transitions occur?

What is couples coaching?

Couples coaching focuses on helping individuals create a strong foundation for their relationship. This approach is useful at any point in a relationship. Some clients use couples coaching to establish skills and understanding about their interactions before moving forward with a commitment. For others, couples coaching helps to build new skills to enhance an already established relationship or to improve areas which have deteriorated in the relationship. The focus is on establishing concrete strategies the couple can use, individually and together, to create a relationship that is satisfying, fulfilling and solid.

Through Dr. Robin's proprietary program, Marriage, LLC, couples utilize an objective space to focus on enhancing their present relationship and make a plan for their future relationship.

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  • MB, South Berwick, ME
    Dr. Robin is clearly well qualified and extremely capable in her role. We both enjoy working with her.
    MB, South Berwick, ME
  • JC, Greenland, NH
    Robin is a great listener while also eliciting helpful dialogue through perceptive and highly relevant questions. She offers thoughtful suggestions that show she has been thinking about our past discussions and where we are in terms of progress. Having never been to a coach before (but my share of therapists), my experience with Robin has been very enlightening in the best possible way. Through thoughtful questions and suggestions, she has been very helpful in improving my communication which in turn has had a positive effect on the relationship I have with my spouse.
    JC, Greenland, NH
  • CP, Middleton, MA
    Working with Dr. Robin has been nothing short of exceptional. My husband and I work together and had blurred lines of when to shut off business and get back to being present in our relationship and family. Using relatable business scenarios my husband and I were able to make easy, but life-changing alterations that have already helped to ensure our long-term strength and happiness as a couple. It has also to allowed us to be a positive example to our child, and as a byproduct a more productive and successful team within our business as well. Forever thankful to have met Dr. Robin!
    CP, Middleton, MA
  • Our relationship was falling a bit off track. After the adoption of our daughter, we noticed that issues kept coming up between us. It seemed that after 10 years of dating and marriage, the old ways we were interacting weren't working now that we had more responsibilities in our life. We reached out to Dr. Robin after hearing about her work with some friends and the fact that she worked with gay couples. We didn't feel comfortable with "couples therapy" but we wanted to make sure to get support before things got us to the point of needing theapy. Dr. Robin's no nonsense approach kept us on task with homework while still letting us guide the direction of the coaching. We felt like each session led us closer to our relationship goals and in the end, we had a blueprint of how to oversee and direct our marriage in the future. Thanks, Robin! - Jake & Michael, Rye, NH
  • Dr. Robin's approach is direct and all business.  As we were taking steps to get married, we knew we didn't want to repeat the past mistakes from our earlier marriages. We also didn't want to do couples therapy because we didn't have issues between us, but we were looking for a way to make our marriage work better than our past experiences. We picked Dr. Robin because we had heard about her business approach to relationships and since both of us work in business (finance and marketing), we decided to try it. We cannot stress enough how amazing her approach is! There was no "deep dive" into our pasts. We focused on where we were and where we wanted to get to. We applied solid frameworks to our relationship, putting it into practical and tactical terms. We noticed improvements in our communication almost immediately and routinely use the plan we created with Dr. Robin in our relationship. - EG & PM, New York, NY