Have you considered changing careers, or re-starting your career after a break, but you’re not sure how?

Are you interested in becoming a more effective leader?

Do you want to advance in your career but aren’t sure of the steps to do so?

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching provides professionals with an opportunity to focus on their career objectives. An executive coach works with an individual, with a team, or with an organization to achieve optimal results. The executive coach provides an objective, unbiased perspective to help professionals identify successful solutions and effective behaviors to achieve professional goals.

A major advantage offered by executive coaching occurs during a period some would erroneously consider coaching unnecessary – times of stability. These periods can be powerfully impacted by coaching. Instead of becoming complacent, or relying on outdated or ineffective methods, coaching can encourage continued improvement in executives, professionals, and organizations; it becomes a source for professional development without removing the individual from his or her daily responsibilities.

Overall, executive coaching provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to identify strengths and learn how to utilize them to ensure continued success in future endeavors.

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  • Bill King, President, Datron Dynamics, Inc.
    In 2023, we had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Robin. We partnered with Robin to help the development of our Leadership and Management team, which was approximately 12 members. Robin built a 12-month tailored program based on initial discussions and our needs. We scheduled monthly meetings that centered around various topics that help support the development of our leaders. This focused mainly on communication and interpersonal behaviors. Robin’s approach was very open and transparent but in a way that made all the participants feel comfortable in sharing fair and honest feedback. Her experience and expertise were demonstrated at every meeting and was met with active participation and enthusiasm for each session. Many of my team members expressed great appreciation that we did this program and felt Dr. Robin helped them to grow both personally and professionally. Our return on investment will be gained through a more professional and productive culture, with improved communication, productivity, and employee retention. It was so successful that we are planning to do continue development for new leaders and specialized sessions on an as needed basis. I highly recommend empowering Dr. Robin to any progressive organization that puts a high value on the growth of their leadership team. She was a pleasure to work with and my team and I are very grateful for the opportunity we had to work together.
    Bill King, President, Datron Dynamics, Inc.
  • JC, Greenland, NH
    Robin is a great listener while also eliciting helpful dialogue through perceptive and highly relevant questions. She offers thoughtful suggestions that show she has been thinking about our past discussions and where we are in terms of progress. Having never been to a coach before (but my share of therapists), my experience with Robin has been very enlightening in the best possible way. Through thoughtful questions and suggestions, she has been very helpful in improving my communication which in turn has had a positive effect on the relationship I have with my spouse.
    JC, Greenland, NH
  • Doctor Buckley is an outstanding person, helping my sister and I with many things, including self awareness. Through her classes, Empowering Girls and Psychology In Our Lives, we have learned to condition our brains to value positivity and kindness. My sister and I both agree that she has taught us so much that will continue to help us in the future. The things she has taught us have made it easier for us to deal with transitions. Overall she creates a comfortable environment to be relaxed and she makes it easy to express yourself. We are very thankful for everything she has done. - SC & BC, Saco, ME  
  • Thank you. The [strategies] are giving me a lot of relief. I've struggled to gain control over my reactions to spiraling emotions and these methods are helping me stay focused on my goals. My imposter syndrome has lessened and I'm finding myself making consistent steps towards the career I WANT. - HW, NH
  • S.F., Rye, NH
    I had attempted therapy (varying modalities) several times throughout my life with disappointing or frustrating results. Measurable understanding and healing didn’t begin to occur until my work with Dr. Buckley. She offers a unique approach, combining therapeutic analysis and insight with patient guidance and practical, action-oriented coaching. The work we do in the room together and the “ah ha” moments are reinforced throughout the week by “home work” and engaging reminders/insights shared via her IG account. I never feel pushed or judged, yet I am motivated to practice. Dr. Buckley is self-possessed and highly intelligent, and communicates her understanding of/empathy with the unique challenges women face in a manner that feels present, connected l, and invested while maintaining absolute professionalism. She is an extraordinarily gifted practitioner, and I’m deeply grateful to be working with her.
    S.F., Rye, NH
  • Thank you for all the help in getting to this point. When I started with you, I never would have imagined feeling strong and confident in any way as I am beginning to now. - JH, Stratham, NH
  • Dr. Robin has an excellent grasp of how to open conversations and pull on threads that help unravel thoughts and pathways to better understanding. She has helped me with my control, my relationships and my husband. During a particularly difficult time recently, she was able to help me decide some next steps. I love that she is engaging and kind but very knowledgeable and straightforward in her sessions. - SC, Dover, NH
  • Dr. Robin helped get me back on track. After losing my job, I felt demoralized. I kept wondering why didn't they "like me" and how could I expect to find another job in my 50s. My sessions with Dr. Robin first helped me attack the thoughts that were creating the self-defeating emotions and not allowing me to think clearly about my situation. Once I adopted the strategies she taught me, I was then able to define what I wanted in my next career move. I felt empowered, like I could select the right organization which matched my values and interests, rather than needing to take whatever job I might be offered. After only four months of coaching, I was back to job searching and after only three different organizational interviews, I was offered my dream job, earning double what I had been at my original workplace. I honestly don't think I could've done this, especially in such a short period of time, without Dr. Robin. - MO, Boston, MA  
  • I was worried about my daughter and felt helpless. She finally agreed to meet with Dr. Robin after having a panic attack. Knowing she was about to go off to college, she finally understood she needed to address her stress. She had been to therapy before but had never connected with a therapist. She quickly and naturally connected with Dr. Robin through coaching and started to open up to her immediately. I could just see this huge sense of relief come over her after the first session. After a couple of more sessions, I saw a complete 360 with her. She lifted out of her depression and she started talking to me. It’s as if she now had the tools to be able to express herself and feel confident in what she had to say. She put the sessions to use and did the work to help herself. She values Dr. Robin’s advice, respects her as an expert and opens herself up to accepting guidance. She is now a happier young woman, much more confident, more expressive and more motivated. I am not worried about her anymore and as a mother, that is the greatest feeling I could have. I am so happy we got her in with Dr. Robin, it has been life changing. - Lisa, Stratham, NH