Women's Equity


Establishing "...equity means creating more than just a day to post hashtags or write thoughtful essays. It means creating a system that acknowledges unequal power and unfair privilege and takes real actions to fairly distribute power.” As Lisa Chin, former CEO of Treehouse and United Way board member noted, conversations regarding equity can't be limited to one date on the calendar. Women continue to face inequities which undermine their power and reduce their opportunities. If equity for women is going to happen, it is important to have these conversations consistently, in various environments, with other women and with allies, in order to move these concepts from words to behaviors and, ultimately, to permanent change.

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Talks Include:

Powerful Women are Scary: A new vision for women

Women have made incredible progress over the past 60 years since the women’s movement in the 1960s. In local and global politics, in all realms of business and production, and in entertainment, powerful women are changing the perspective and standards for women. So why is it that powerful women still make people uncomfortable? Considering the historical causes for female stereotypes, how cognitive dissonance plays a role in why powerful women are perceived as "scary", and what cognitive behavioral strategies women can use to step into their power and change society's perception of powerful women, will frame this discussion.

Bedroom to Boardroom: Creating equity in all areas of our lives

Women’s power is systematically and deliberately undermined. Whether through outdated societal norms, political agendas, or fear from other groups, women continue to fight for equality, equity, and basic human rights, in regards to pay, leadership, health services, and sexual wellness. As women learn to break through the "taboo" topics, control their own thoughts which undermine their power, and have open conversations about their wants and their needs, we create a ripple effect in all areas of our lives, professionally and personally. We connect to our power, own our lives, and demand what we want, without hesitation, embarrassment, or apology.

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